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Bark N Fetch has been a dream in the making for more than 20 years. Founder and owner, Heather Denton, was just 23 years old when she wrote her first business plan for an upscale pet boarding facility. Like most great ideas, it came from necessity. She couldn’t find a place that she liked or one she felt was up to the standards she wanted for her two pups, Esther and Cody. Why? There just wasn’t anything really like that back in the late 90s and early 2000s. Without seed money or a willing investor, Heather put her dream on hold and pursued a career in sales.

Like-Minded Animal Lover

Over the years, Heather volunteered with animal welfare organizations and worked the corporate job life. She filed away all that knowledge and experience for the day when she’d be able to open her own business and spend her days working alongside her “shop dog,” Gunner. But, she never stopped talking about dog-related business ideas. It was that love and never-ending passion that encouraged a friend to say to her, “I have someone I want you to meet. Marsha Lindsey. She is a huge supporter of women entrepreneurs, an amazing person, and, oh, by the way, she owns Lucky Dog Barkery in Dallas.” Heather and Marsha started to pow-wow often. With Marsha’s guidance, Heather began to make her dream a reality. While Heather continued to work her corporate job, she began to dive into everything she could dig up about the pet food industry. That led her to find out that the food she was feeding her own pups was not a good choice; despite all the advertising…it was also likely a big contributor to one of her own Golden Retriever, Pepsi's, severe itchies and needed a diet overhaul.

Pepsi had developed severe allergies and a serious itching problem. Like many pet owners, Heather spent a lot of time at the doggie dermatologist and money on prescription medications. But, like many dogs with severe allergies, Pepsi still itched.

Her research led her to find out that the source of so many pet allergies is often related to their FOOD. There were trial-and-error periods, but eventually, Heather found the right high-quality natural dog food, and Pepsi was itch and medication-free. But she still had to drive to Marsha’s store in Dallas. Every time she went, she fell in love with the products, the employees and the store. That’s where the idea for Bark N Fetch in Frisco really took flight. So, with Marsha’s guidance, Heather’s family and friends’ support, her love and devotion to the health and happiness of animals, and a great name idea from her son, Knox, Bark N Fetch became a reality.

in memory of gunner

Frisco, Texas Pets Deserve the Best

Heather and her savvy staff are here to help with whatever you need for your furry babies, whatever stage of life and whatever your questions. Let us save you all the time, money and research spent finding the best food for your pets. No matter which direction you go, from frozen raw to dry foods, rest assured that we’ve got the best for your pet.