Self-Service Doggy Wash

Clean Up at the Dog Spa. Leave the Mess to Us.

Avoid the mess at your house and give your pup a good washing at our self-service doggy wash. Treat your dog to a spa day at Bark N Fetch’s private, fully enclosed room.

we do have a few rules:

We Provide the Best Shampoo, Conditioner and ear wash for Dogs, Pure + Good

Pure + Good products are made with soap-free and effective plant-derived ingredients that improve your dog’s coat. Essential oil-based fragrance oils smell wonderful and support your pup’s well-being, too. Plus, they’re gentle enough to use every day and safe for pets.

Pure + Good’s scent-free formulas are perfect for pets with allergies or sensitive skin.

Pure + Good’s Flea + Tick shampoo and condition made with citronella and lemongrass helps keep your dog safe from fleas and ticks.

No appointment needed.  Last call 5:15 pm